Core Values

To seek to live a life of unhindered intimacy and communion with God.
To seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit and live in His presence throughout every day.
To seek to be motivated by God's love.
To seek to rely totally on the Holy Spirit's wisdom and not on our own knowledge or understanding.
To seek to take responsibility for our own lives, actions and emotions without blaming others.
To seek to be accountable to spiritual fathers.
To seek to be teachable and not proud.
To seek to be good listeners to the Holy Spirit and to other people.
To seek to live open and transparent lives.
To seek to speak with grace, uplifting and honouring others.
To seek to be loyal to everyone we relate to.
To seek to think well of others and not be divisive or undermining of others.
To seek to keep every confidence and be trustworthy and honest at all times.
To seek to accurately represent our loving Father God to all we meet.
To seek to be moved with compassion towards all people.
To seek to serve all people.
To seek to walk in God's grace and not judge others.
To seek to live a 'forgiveness' lifestyle.
To seek to be committed to a lifestyle of continual change, in which we become more like Christ.
To seek to live a life of thanksgiving and gratitude for all that we receive.
To seek to help people come into all that God has for them, spiritually, emotionally and physically.