What a 'Soaking Prayer' session can be like

'Soaking Prayer' sessions can take place anywhere which is quiet and undisturbed. Before people arrive it is good to create an intimate environment by clearing away unwanted 'clutter', unplugging telephones, providing cushions, switching on table lamps or uplighters which are kinder on the eyes than overhead lights when looking up at the ceiling, and heat the room more than usual, because it can get very cold lying on a draughty floor in winter. Encourage people to bring pillows or cushions, sleeping bags or duvets to ensure they are kept warm and comfortable. Before people arrive it is good if the hosts/overseers could 'soak' for a while to prepare their hearts to minister to the others.

The overseers warmly greet each 'soaker' as they arrive. The hosts should explain the set-up to those who are new helping to make them feel 'at home' maybe give them a 'SOAK' leaflet. The leaflet produced by Rob and Janet, featured on this website, includes a brief explanation and vision for soaking, answers most frequently-asked questions and gives Biblical references endorsing lying down, being quiet, still, or at rest while listening to God.

Once people have settled in their 'spot' the overseer might go to them and gently pray over them. The object is to make it a safe place for people to open their hearts up to God. Throughout the evening the overseers continue to pray quietly as people draw closer to the Father. Occasionally they pray specifically for individuals or hold them if they are upset or weeping.

It takes people ten to fifteen minutes to process their day, settle down and begin to focus on the Lord, so each session should start with fifteen minutes of songs concentrating on a specific area of God's love or provision. After this, instrumental music can be played so that people can continue to process things and listen to the Holy Spirit without an overload of words. The session continues with this mixture throughout, sometimes with scriptures being read by the overseers.

After about an hour a few of the early arrivals might have finished soaking and want refreshments and fellowship before travelling home. Others might want a short break before lying down again. When God touches areas of pain some people may need somewhere to share and process things with friends before returning to the main room for more soaking. A separate room where people can help themselves to refreshments, and talk or pray with others is helpful.

As the session progresses the sence of God's presence increases as people go deeper into God. Sensitivity is needed when drawing a session to a close. Often this is done by changing the music for a lighter, but still gentle, praise song. Sessions often end with Holy Spirit laughter and fun with both Father God and each other. Overseers may pray with everyone as they leave, blessing them to keep the good things that the Father has done.