Rob and Janet's experiences with 'Soaking Prayer'

A framework is established

Whilst visiting Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in 1996, Rob and Janet experienced people purposefully lying on the floor in order to receive more from God. This visit gave them a framework for what God had been doing in them whilst lying on the floor over the previous two years, and a greater understanding of its value.

"Come and find me, Lord"

Rob and Janet have discovered that the benefits of soaking are manifold. Soaking quickly opens hearts up to God, as if to say, "Come to me, Lord. I need you. Come and find me. Come and touch me. Come and take me deeper into You."

Pictures while soaking

At one time, while soaking, Janet experienced a long, picture-sequence involving a Mongolian-looking boy in a former Eastern-block country. Through this God prepared Janet to travel to Russia. Months later this trip came about and in Siberia, about 100 miles from the Mongolian border, Janet actually met and prayed for the boy she had seen whilst soaking.

Rob and Janet prepare a soaking package

Convinced as to the importance of soaking, Rob and Janet prepared a soaking package, which included their 'SOAK' leaflet, and in January 1999 were released by their leadership to develop soaking in their home church. Knowing that worship is a major key - heart-felt, intimate worship which draws us close into the loving arms of our Father - they compiled their own series of soaking tapes using songs by artists who were 'in the river', i.e. had been touched deeply by the Holy Spirit's anointing and have a revelation of God as Father. They found it took people about fifteen minutes to process their day and focus on the Lord, so they started each tape with songs concentrating on a specific area of God's love or provision followed by instrumental music so that people could continue to process things and listen to the Holy Spirit without an overload of words.

Hosting and overseeing soaking meetings

They soon realised that the concerns, difficulties and fears addressed in their 'SOAK' leaflet were common to many, as for eight months Rob and Janet hosted and oversaw weekly soaking meetings in their local church, helping people catch the vision for soaking and take it back home. Once soaking was clearly established in the life of their church they stopped the meetings.

The vision spreads

Other groups then began to ask Rob and Janet's help to envision them with soaking. A seminar/workshop was developed using the leaflet as a starting point. The seminar begins with a period of envisioning teaching followed by a time of soaking. They then stop for feedback and questions before continuing with the second part of the teaching, which focuses on hearing and recording what God is saying and/or doing. They then soak for a further period followed by more feedback. This combination of teaching and practice helps people overcome their difficulties and enter into soaking with a clearer purpose and stronger faith.

... and spreads

Rob and Janet's 'SOAK' leaflet has since been adopted and used by many other churches around the world. They have even taught soaking in Siberia and had their leaflet translated into Russian!

... and spreads!