We offer ministry in the following areas:
Restoring the Foundations Ministry
Introductory Seminars and Issue-Focused seminars

Resting in God's Presence – Soaking

Deeper into Father's Love Let God reveal himself in a new way that will deepen our love. Deal with the blockages, hurts and offences that hinder true intimacy with Father God.

Keys to Intimacy with God

Living a Forgiveness Lifestyle

Healing Life's Hurts

Listening Prayer A basic introduction to Listening Prayer. Find healing through hearing God's life-giving words for you.

Relate Right / Boundaries
God intended relationships to be a blessing for us, but so often they can feel more like a curse. Discover the joy of relationships as God intended. Tackle some of the major pitfalls in relating to others.

Barriers to Intimacy

The River of God

The Anointing and Manifestations

Living in the Anointing

Prophetic Art in Worship Be released to exprees your love for God through painting. No experience needed, just a heart that loves God. You will grow both in artistic gifting and in your personal relationship with God.
For art visit: www.oliverpengilley.co.uk