Fun with Father 2004 ­ LATEST NEWS

Graham & Pat Head, directors of the Lost Glory School of Worship & Ministry, Folly's End Church in Croydon, will be leading a team of people experienced in personal prophecy. Each morning there will be an opportunity for anyone to receive personal prophecy.

Paul & Shirley Farnham who are currently serving as Intercessory Missionaries at the International House of Prayer, Kansas City, will be leading a team who will be praying for physical healing. Each morning there will be an opportunity for anyone to receive prayer for physical healing using the 'Healing Rooms' model.
 Both the personal prophecy and the healing prayer will be done on an appointment system and are open to all ages (0 to 99+). You can book your appointment once you have arrived at the camp.

We have extended the postal booking deadline to 31 July. If you have any friends who are undecided about coming to 'Fun with Father' please tell them. If they miss this deadline they can still come and register when they arrive, however we cannot guarantee that they will be able to camp with their friends as the site will have been planned by then.

Driving around Cornwall in August can be very frustrating. Let the Big Red Bus solve the problems of negotiating unfamiliar narrow lanes and searching for car parks, while you relax and enjoy a day out with friends.
 There will be a commercial bus operator on site offering day trips to local beaches and places of interest. Places are limited on the bus ­ an ex-London Transport red double decker ­ so early booking is advised. More information will be available on arrival at Fun with Father.

We  are planning to operate an ice-pack re-freezing service for a nominal fee. We suggest you bring enough freezer packs for two days, so that you can use one day's pack while the next day's is being frozen. More details on arrival.

To help you arrive at 'Fun with Father' fresh enough to deal with the demands of setting up camp, try this travelling tip. Stop 15-25 miles from the site, let the children have a run around, have some food and drink and take a rest.
     As most delegates will be travelling down the A30 we suggest the following good places to stop. After you pass Launceston you will see a BP Service Station on the left. About a mile further on there is a layby with toilets and a mobile catering van where you could stop. Alternatively, after the layby you will cross Bodmin Moor where there are several stopping places including the famous Jamaica Inn. You could also stop in Bodmin which is only fifteen minutes from the campsite.