About Us


Rob and Janet teach from a first-hand perspective, on subjects and issues that have personally impacted their lives. They minister with plenty of anointed prayer and both carry an anointing that helps communicate to the listener and impart God's love to the heart.

Rob and Janet speak and minister on subjects such as:
Soaking prayer, Listening prayer, Intimacy with God, Hindrances to intimacy, God as Father, Imparting the Father's embrace, How we see God, The prodigal Father, The forgiveness lifestyle, The thankful heart, Flowing in the anointing, God's universal laws, The glory of God, The river of God, Boundaries in relationships, Honour and shame, Unity and blessing, Anger, Loneliness and aloneness, Singleness, Divorce and re-marriage, Finding freedom, Living with disability, Prophetic Art.

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